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Idolaters will find that they will never receive the blessings given by God to true worshippers.
that gallery-goers conceptualise 'art' in the same way as idolaters conceptualise 'idol'
We follow the way of Abraham the upright, who was not an idolater.
The worst idolater in Northern history thus helped organize the most dramatic battle against idolatry.
The objects of worship, of both ancient and modern idolaters, will find that they will never receive the blessings given by God to true worshippers.
The early Juliet is respectful of religious ideas; later, she has become Romeo's idolater.
Say: I am commanded to the first to submit to Him, and not be an idolater.
In several passages of the Qur'an, most likely after some of Muhammad's fruitless discussions with Christian and Jewish religious leaders, verses such as 3:67-68 came to the Prophet, it states: "Neither was Abraham a Jew nor a Christian, but upright and obedient, and not an idolater.
Maimonides declares: 'When the Jews are more powerful than the Gentiles we are forbidden to let an idolater among us; even a temporary resident or itinerant trader shall not be allowed to pass through our land.
Although fictitious, these pericopes reveal the attitudes of both the idolater and the opponent towards idols, Close reading uncovers ideas such as human denial of participation in the process and self-creation of the divine statue (Ex.
I assume that it is for that reason that Kant is Leibowitz's favored idolater.
The Deuteronomic History (hereafter DtrH) portrays him as a divisive, rebellious idolater, blamed for the downfall and eventual destruction of the Kingdom of Israel over which he was divinely appointed to rule.