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You fight against idolaters, as enemies of God, and do you think
46) Christian missionaries looked to win over idolaters to faith in Jesus the Messiah.
Thus, the Buddha that we know was born in part from a series of cleavages--between the Indian Buddha and the African Buddha, between the enlightened social reformer and the idolater, between the ancient Buddha and practicing Buddhists--with the former consistently privileged to the point of the latter's effacement.
The early Juliet is respectful of religious ideas; later, she has become Romeo's idolater.
Idolaters will find that they will never receive the blessings given by God to true worshippers.
Charles was then a misfit, both heretic and idolater.
Sources of malicious preternatural power, such as the evil eye, continued to exercise potent sway over people's belief and imagination, although now they could be countered by rites and symbols made Christian, while those who inflicted the effects of the evil eye and malicious magical intention upon their neighbours were likely to be seen as adherents of Satan, and therefore idolaters and apostates from the Christian faith.
Fields acolytes, gilded Gordon Gecko Wall Street warriors, and the idolater and swindler lobbies were mum, the homosexual activist group GLAAD was anything but glad (never mind gay), calling Robertson's comments "vile" and extreme.
As an Orwell idolater, I was predisposed to like Christopher Hitchens's book, which though not uncritical is immensely admiring.
Chiz Escudero is the son of a Marcos cabinet man, an idolater heard to praise Marcos at every chance and seen wearing to his dying day the time-dishonored uniform and colors of the martial-law party KBL-a white waist-shirt with red-white-and-blue insignia on its shoulder-straps.
If Ahab were an unparalleled idolater, why did he retain Obadiah--one who revered the Lord greatly--as his chief steward?
What then is the difference between an idolater and a true believer?