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consists in the effacement" of the idolatrous practices of the Sabians and other idolators.
You made me an idolator of human beauty, of you, Manuela.
Weinzierl acknowledges that not everyone was a Hofmannsthal idolator.
But it's a fool who tries to find immortality in this world, and an idolator who values things - even grand, old, and dignified ones - more than people and life itself.
Moshe Isserles adds: "One responds amen to an idolator if one heard the entire blessing from his mouth.
As a biblical king who had rebelled against the Davidic line and a military figure who was also an idolator (he introduced the worship of the golden calves), Jeroboam was a powerful figure by which Cromwell could be attacked, thus legitimating both Charles I and Charles II, the true Davidite who was at last restored.
com/7641047/demi-lovato-speaks-about-mental-illness-performs-confident-at-the-dnc) Idolator.
You could practically see the dollar signs forming in [Simon Cowell's] eyes  before it ended," Maura Johnston, the founder of the music blog Idolator and an adjunct professor at Boston College, recalled of Castro's performance.