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consists in the effacement" of the idolatrous practices of the Sabians and other idolators.
You made me an idolator of human beauty, of you, Manuela.
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Weinzierl acknowledges that not everyone was a Hofmannsthal idolator.
But it's a fool who tries to find immortality in this world, and an idolator who values things - even grand, old, and dignified ones - more than people and life itself.
Moshe Isserles adds: "One responds amen to an idolator if one heard the entire blessing from his mouth.
As a biblical king who had rebelled against the Davidic line and a military figure who was also an idolator (he introduced the worship of the golden calves), Jeroboam was a powerful figure by which Cromwell could be attacked, thus legitimating both Charles I and Charles II, the true Davidite who was at last restored.
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com/7641047/demi-lovato-speaks-about-mental-illness-performs-confident-at-the-dnc) Idolator.
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