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Idolatory Similar idolatry over Satyajit Ray-- the man, the artiste, the icon-- constitutes another major chunk of the aggressive vocation that is Bengaliness.
It was viewed as a victory for good over evil, due to the Nazis' idolatory of my You thre wthi is and com Schmeling
Medieval Jewish philosophers such as Judah Halevi also criticised the idolatory of philosophy conceived in theoretical terms and without regard to revelation.
In consequence of his total submission to the will of Allah, the life of Prophet Ibrahim became full of trials and threats, which started from his own father, Azar to the King Namrud who had stooped to idolatory worship.
The purpose of this paper is to build on the prior studies by examining the influence of gender, age , income and idolatory behavior on impulse buying.
This means to say that, in so far as it is an icon, the artistic text gets free of the status of eidolon, that is, from the idolatory of a world that has been objectified and reified.
Second, while the albatross represents a Christian soul, it also suggests a totemic necklace worn by the ancient mariner, and thus not only a transgression of Christian values but also an act of idolatory.
Human Rights as Polities and Idolatory (Princeton: Princeton University, 2001).
And former Almondvale apprentice Robertson knew his already idolatory status among the Gorgie fans would rise even further if he could capture the Cup.
Western Christianity, especially the Protestant varieties, are thoroughly iconoclastic because of the fear of idolatory.