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Not unlike The Sonics, We Are Animal recorded Idolise very cheaply.
and it's very hard to teach racism to a teenager who idolises, say, Snoop Dogg.
LEE Miller hailed Craig Brewster as a player to idolise - despite the 38-year-old Inverness Caley Thistle boss costing Dundee United victory at Tannadice.
Sadly, too many girls idolise the stick-thin figures of some models.
Not the sports, pop and film stars we all idolise but people who are truly brave and remarkable.
But that does mean she has to idolise and fraternise with a man responsible for thousands of cruel killings.
NUNEATON-born film director Ken Loach is receiving plenty of plaudits for his latest film, Looking For Eric, about a northern footy fan who fantasises that he can see and talk to a footballer he idolises (Eric Cantona).
On the other hand, he is blind to almost all twentieth-century design (apart from its obvious defects, which he castigates endlessly) and to most modern art except the work of Matisse, whom he idolises, and a few other painters.