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This widens the discrepancy between the words and their meanings, rendering the violent Syrian entry into Lebanon in 1976 a response to the calls for help issued by the Lebanese, the camps' war in the eighties part of the "deterrence of Arafat's conspiracy" against the rights of the Palestinian people, and the distance extremely close between the idolization of the speech and its worship as a holy text.
The silence contrasts remarkably with the idolization of Kim Jong-il's mother, who was officially celebrated as 'a female general of Paekdu from a family that fought for Korea's independence from Japan'.
North Korea has issued stamps bearing a picture of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un, making it the first time the country's State Stamp Bureau has issued stamps with an image of Jong Un and a sign the country is accelerating idolization of him.
Their perpetual defense of poetry was, Arbery notes, simultaneously a reactionary and revolutionary act, which sought to forestall the corrosive effects of abstract market values and the idolization of technology.
Schroeder loved to reminisce about his idolization of Frank Shellenback and playing with Solly Mishkin and Les Haserot.
Raviv, A., Bar-Tal, D., Raviv, A.,and Ben-Horin, A., Adolescent Idolization of Pop Singer: Causes, Express, and Reliance.
Rap today is full of material idolization. They try to keep this image alive when talking about and idolizing those things.
For Girard, "mimetic desire" expresses the idolization of another and ultimately of the self: when the individual's expectations of achieving autonomy through another remain unfulfilled, he seeks a scapegoat.
Searching meaning in the character of religion is one more aspect of philosophic realism that guards man from false idolization of a person and inspires in one the act of genuine bond with the creator.
Horses are beautiful in their variation, which has earned them idolization by many.
As a "man without qualities," rather than a Copperfield, then, this avatar's short life embodies the historical transition from utopian confidence in technological progress to a hubristic idolization of the machine.
This third way in principle leaves the ideological 20th century debate about systems with the idolization of the market on the one hand and the idolization of the state on the other hand behind.