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Not long after publishing the piece, Tate became a Catholic, conceding that in his former idolization of the South he had been worshiping a "perishable God.
Adolescent Idolization of Pop Singer: Causes, Express, and Reliance.
For Girard, "mimetic desire" expresses the idolization of another and ultimately of the self: when the individual's expectations of achieving autonomy through another remain unfulfilled, he seeks a scapegoat.
Searching meaning in the character of religion is one more aspect of philosophic realism that guards man from false idolization of a person and inspires in one the act of genuine bond with the creator.
Horses are beautiful in their variation, which has earned them idolization by many.
As a "man without qualities," rather than a Copperfield, then, this avatar's short life embodies the historical transition from utopian confidence in technological progress to a hubristic idolization of the machine.
Ideology is the idolization of critique as enlightenment, disenchantment, idol-breaking.
I am not talking about "mechanical reproduction," which Walter Benjamin wrongly thought would end idolization of artworks.
Cook argues that it is rooted in the principled rejection of the Western idolization of free markets and acquisitive individualism in favor of a commitment to cooperation and community.
Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" where an idolization of the glamor of what the US stands for is simultaneously off-set by revulsion for its overriding materialism.
55) Money-theism, idolization of capital, expressed as the worship of the gods of the marketplace, is often practiced through the rituals of the stock market and the liturgies of global capitalism.
Sternberg (2000), on the other hand, explained that machismo can also be described as "a cult of the male; a heady mixture of paternalism, aggression, systematic subordination of women, and idolization of their reproductive and nurturing capacities, coupled with a rejection of homosexuality" (p.