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In the seminar exports also rejected stereotypes uneducated people associated with idolized salt and urged government and journalist to play their part in countering negative propaganda.
Idolized reminds us of music's ability to contribute to the construction and outward expression of our personal, community, and national identities.
They have no debts and Robin is idolized there," The Sun quoted Van Persie's mother Jose, as saying.
His father, John William Thurmond, became a state senator and ally of "Pitchfork" Ben Tillman, the charismatic, viciously racist South Carolina governor and senator whom six-year-old Strom met and idolized.
Sydney, Jan 20( ANI ): Australian opener Ed Cowan has revealed that he idolized Ricky Ponting when he was young and still has a poster Ponting on the wall of his bedroom at his family home.
Her ghost is now idolized at a yearly town tribute.
To prove the point The Advocate asked a minipanel of young fans to share their thoughts on their idolized peers.
Robert Helpmann and Frederick Ashton are already so idolized for their acting ability that it seems foolish to add more simpering praise .
Trotta seems to have idolized Chet Huntley (odd for a no-nonsense print reporter, since Huntley was strictly a studio broadcaster).