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Since we currently have a President who idolizes John Kennedy and mimics him in more ways than one, we might do well to consider what residue these ceaseless tributes leave behind.
LOS COCOROCOS" is the ideal CD of the true salsa fan - the type who idolizes the classic sounds yet allows it to easily weave and breed new sounds such as urban reggaeton as it happily cohabitates with a younger, more hip crowd.
and Becca, a talented songwriter from difficult family circumstances who idolizes Desert's father.
But on the ice Friday morning, the same players whom Cameron idolizes - the giants who the boy toppled with hip checks and humbled with his shots on goal - were impressed by his grit and stamina.
But 16-year-old Beni idolizes him, and once Fogi seduces him, the teenager drops out of high school in Zurich and rims away to serve as his hero's love puppy and willing slave.
If, on the other hand, postmodernism is an entropic apocalypse in which each mode of art idolizes itself even as it combines with other modes to form a kind of Frankenstein monster, then whether the creature comes to life depends on the artist's ability to insinuate his or her own life into it.
Essany idolizes Johnny Carson, planting his hands deep in his pockets and rocking on his heels through the monologue and finding some sort of omen in the fact that he interviewed his first guest, Ed McMahon, on May 22, 1998, six years to the day after Carson retired from ``The Tonight Show.