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For example, evidence of extensive magma mixing can generally be detected from variations in chemical composition of an igneous rock body as well as from field evidence.
Above Earth's surface, magma hardens into igneous rocks (lava, basalt, granite).
The animal was trapped in a small (7 m tall) tree that was growing over an igneous rock outcrop.
Chromite occurs as magmatic segregations in ultrabasic igneous rocks.
But earlier this year, the Mars Curiosity rover surprised scientists by discovering soils with a composition similar to granite, a light-colored, common igneous rock.
Dans ce premier article de quatre des << Igneous Rock Associations 9 >>de Geoscience Canada sur les ophiolites on decouvre une histoire fascinante qui remonte aux temps glorieux des premiers leves geologiques dans les Alpes occidentales au XIXeme siecle.
He spoke about the horrors of being 42 and missed opportunities - not his own, he forces opportunities out of life like a man wringing igneous rock for water - of people at university who consider learning to be way down the list after partying and the lardy middle aged complacents who now suddenly make up his peer group.
Furthermore, it appears that an empirical relationship developed to convert gas permeability values to brine permeability values for sedimentary rocks also applies to the Icelandic igneous rock samples (Sigurdsson 1998a).
2-pound, grapefruit-sized meteorite is believed originally to have been an igneous rock ejected from the Martian surface after a large object, such as an asteroid, crashed into it.
For some reason, molten igneous rock intruded upward through the sediment, forming a large buckled dome.
Geochemistry of igneous rocks - The geochemical characteristics of the various types of igneous rock suites are surveyed.