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The National Center for Forensic Science (University of Central Florida) maintains a database (available online) called the Ignitable Liquids Reference Collection (ILRC) (31).
The Ignitable Liquid Reference Collection Committee (ILRCC), made up of TWGFEX members, was established to give oversight to the database and repository.
Reference ignitable liquid: An ignitable liquid that has had its composition verified and that is used to aid in the identification and classification of unknown ignitable liquids and their extracted residues.
Some foundries generate wastes that are classified as corrosive, ignitable or reactive.
Samples taken from fire scenes might contain matrices that strongly adsorb the organic compounds present in most ignitable liquids.
As part of its operations, Presstek generates hazardous wastes that include solvent-containing wastes, which are ignitable, and corrosive wastes.
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These wastes are hazardous because they exhibited the characteristics of being ignitable, corrosive or toxic due to chromium, methyl ethyl ketone or other compounds.
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Materials stored at the facility will include ignitable, corrosive, reactive, toxic and listed liquid or solid hazardous wastes, Kansas DHE spokesman Jonathan Larance reported.
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In April 2010, Vexor workers allegedly placed a 10-gallon container of ignitable hazardous waste into the facility's solidification pit, resulting in a chemical reaction and fire.