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At this year's Women Igniting Change(TM), a Spark Award will be given to 6 extraordinary women of Atlanta who have ignited change for the betterment of themselves and the world around them.
In the same year, furniture ignited by small open flame sources caused 80 deaths, 350 injuries and more than $30 million in property damage.
com) and Ignited Minds, whose client roster includes top interactive entertainment publishers, worked with the Starch Communications division of NOP World, which for more than 80 years, has set the industry standard for research designed to measure print ad readership.
The garage was filled with stacks of newspapers and other combustible material that could have been ignited by electric- or propane-powered space heaters, a detective said.
Ignited Performance Products develops and produces a line of successful products in the automotive performance industry.
LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE - Using a napalm-like jelly, Los Angeles County firefighters on Thursday ignited a 75-acre controlled burn on the dry hillsides above La Canada Flintridge.
The Bellevue #1-17 East Lost Hills well, which blew out and ignited at approximately 8:30 p.
When ignited, the chemical burns at 4,300 degrees, nearly twice the temperature needed to melt ordinary steel.
If after seven attempts the tube has still not ignited, the UBA2000T is latched into its off-state and no further attempts are made to ignite the tube until the device is reset by turning the AC line supply off and on again.
A post office and several businesses were evacuated Monday after a driver operating a tractor accidentally ignited a fire that burned 60 acres, officials said.
Instead, the plane could keep flying until its jet fuel, ignited by a bomb, eventually exploded.