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Integration of Modelons OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit will advance the Ricardo Software IGNITE products simulation speeds and capability and offers the opportunity for future significant enhancements.
In the meantime, you ought to be very careful about controlling the amount of energy it takes to ignite the material you're conveying.
This ensures that sufficient striking voltage is generated by the inductive lighting ballast to instantly ignite the fluorescent tube.
We are delighted to have Steve Stewart join our team," said Steve Gielda, CEO, Ignite Selling.
Crowd Ignite enables premium publishers within defined audience verticals to share their content within a closed network, thereby exposing their content to quality, relevant users on other sites and allowing them to acquire new, engaged users and grow their audience.
We are honored to be selected by Springboard as an outstanding company with high growth potential, "said Julie Hamrick, President of Ignite Sales, Inc.
We were looking for a partner who could put Ignite Sales on the radar screens of major financial institutions throughout North America," said Barbie Boe, Vice-President and Director of Marketing at Ignite Sales.
The billing gateway, which was built using SEEC Mosaic(TM) Studio, will make it easier and cheaper to launch new products and will improve the processing of orders by providing a seamless interface between BT Ignite Solutions' order management and billing systems.
Ignite collaborated with Cablevision's MSG Network and Cablevision's eMedia group to deliver a two-way interactive sports experience that provides iO customers full viewing control at the touch of a button.
com site is produced and managed by Ignite Sports, a leading interactive solutions provider to sports organizations.
Ignite Sports, the leading interactive sports solution provider, today announced that the National Hockey League (NHL) has chosen the company to represent the League's online advertising related sponsorship opportunities.
We are excited that Sovereign Bank has chosen to offer MoneyMatch visual planners to its customers," said Barbara Boe, vice president of sales and marketing at Ignite Sales, Inc.