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However, the patron subsequently delivers an impassioned speech on the ignobility of human nature and the dispossession of blacks caused by the institution of slavery.
In acting against the Martiall behind his back--and by articulating their own jealousy at his good fortune--they represent both the ignobility and poor advice often found at court among a monarch's advisors.
I am, however, concerned that what is strangest and most bracing about his work--his conviction in the basic ignobility of humankind--is frequently whitewashed in the endorsements of his supporters.
Gothic and Illuminating the Renaissance were two steps into the advancing mists of an ever-receding past; or two pasts sometimes fusing and sometimes dividing: the piety of private religious devotion, and the ignobility of the Hundred Years' War, with its vain destruction that spread into the Wars of the Roses; not merely a mist but a miasma through which Richard the Third ferreted and slaughtered.