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That's because war no matter how justified or unjustified, noble or ignoble is always a crime.
Salman Rushdie's ignoble novel, the Danish cartoons, the denigration of the Quran by US soldiers in Afghanistan, the dance show in the courtyard of Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem and the latest provocation cannot be considered from the point of freedom of speech.
But Strathclyde speaking proudly of his wife in public while sleeping with another woman leaves the ignoble Lord a prize hypocrite.
The government not only refuses to come clean on this ignoble history, but it is covering up the Bush administration's abuses by denying victims a day in court.
The ignoble Lord had sought to be the treasurer of the Labour Party, a historic position held by such greats as Nye Bevan and the former Labour premier James Callaghan.
Terrorists have no religion who glorify their ignoble act of targeting females he observed adding they are hirelings working for those who pay them.
Daudet (1840-1897) presents a world in which artists are newly at the center of society, free to suffer no longer for their art, to be as ignoble as anyone else.
By commenting the Christian office that this weekend was in honor of "the victims of the transition" which was organized by a group of citizens, Ana Anastasovska comments for Vreme that the churches and houses of God are a sacred place and they should not be used for ignoble political feuds.
Those who assume they know better than the world's leading climate scientists - and that anything less than 100 per cent certainty is equivalent to a disproof - cannot avoid the ignoble title of 'denier'.
But perhaps no-one should be surprised by such an error for the far right has a long and ignoble tradition of twisting the truth to suit its divisive and damaging ends.
Pedersen survived the ignoble fate of her parents' divorce-induced poverty in the culturally and economically depressed tundra of northern New York State and traded it in for the security of the temperate south that is in the legal institution of the New York Stock Exchange.
The development budget for South Punjab is ignoble.