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[who] once violently talked of whipping the reluctant youths of the land off to the War, and who themselves have ignobly speculated upon the necessities of the soldier and his family, accumulated fortunes out of the sacrifice of those that have bared their bosoms to the bayonet, and yet skulk away from danger themselves." (30)
Bailey, Grocer is "an absolute realism in the sphere of the ignobly decent"), accommodates both large ideas and small events.
Moreover, he echoes the European-wide sense that to show too great an interest in money was to act ignobly. Thus, the claim by some historians that Gaelic honor was dominated by both the idea that might makes right and by the maximization of individual autonomy cannot be sustained by a reading of the Beatha.
ONE of the dictionary definitions of "Craven" is "ignobly timid and faint-hearted".
The Muslim conspirator feigning adoption of Christianity acted ignobly, while the same strategy of the King of Tars' daughter merely displays her intelligence in implementing gradual Christianization of the Orient.
The family had begun ignobly with the birth in 1672 of an illegitimate son of King Charles II of England and his French mistress.
Behind both stories lies a violence hidden by ideas of sacrifice that ennoble the Indians but show Hester to be ignobly selfish.
This question is premised on the facts that Africa, being a bed of raw material, since Africa commenced humankind's civilization on the basis of commencing agriculture along the banks of the Nile valley, since its human resources were ignobly engaged in the first ever large-scale farming of a monumental scale in the new found lands of the West Indies and America as slaves, has a historical role of occupying its place as a 'civilized' and 'developed' continent on the ground that it feeds the world.
Also relevant is that his father's first wife died within two years of their marriage, and the lineage in which Soren was the last began ignobly after five months of marriage to Ane, then a servant girl.
Heidegger, for instance, said that novelists 'squander ignobly the reader's precious time: And that 'only when entertainment is combined with useful instruction might the novel escape charges of insignificance and depravity.'"
To the world at large, Booth's life ignobly ended in April 1865 in a Virginia tobacco shed, but that version of events failed to persuade considerable numbers of Americans and so, the legend of his escape was born.