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Questioned by an obtuse medico, he once told the truth and suffered the ignominy of having the revelation contemptuously labeled and dismissed as "dreams.
But under the circumstances you'd have covered yourself with ignominy.
There the two carrion-eaters commenced to circle the chamber while the human carrion, their master, now in a perfect frenzy of demoniacal rage, ran to and fro in an effort to intercept them, striking out with his cudgel and lashing them with his tongue, calling down upon them the curses of whatever gods and demons he could summon to memory, and describing in lurid figures the ignominy of their ancestors.
Poor lost souls, wailing for a crust in the dark, we know full well our helplessness and ignominy.
I remain silent and suffer ignominy, as you will remain silent and suffer ignominy.
But he--HAD TO die: he looked with eyes which beheld EVERYTHING,--he beheld men's depths and dregs, all his hidden ignominy and ugliness.
Dear lady, I had none to support me; all looked on me as a wretch doomed to ignominy and perdition.
I soon shall see you again in heaven, where we shall all be happy; and that consoles me, going as I am to suffer ignominy and death.
It was just when he believed himself safe and more--infinitely more--when the possibility of being loved by that admirable girl first dawned upon him, that he discovered that his bitterest railings, the worst wickedness, the devil work of his hate and pride, could never cover up the ignominy of the existence before him.
He meant to be friendly, but Maggie felt convinced that Tom was rejoicing in her ignominy.
WARRINGTON' S Phillip Archer was spared the ignominy of returning to Tour school after results went his way in the Mallorca Classic.
AFTER the ignominy of an extra-time defeat in last year's final Leinster are on the hunt for a first inter-provincial title since 2002.