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The International Organization for Migration (OIM) spokesperson, Fanny Polonia, said the DR is also among the world's top ten countries when it came to trafficking in human beings, sharing the ignominy with Thailand, Nigeria and the Philippines.
Sad, titillating disharmony prevails throughout when two of the activity's finer souls both go down the road to ignominy in the same Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Hail of Fame issue.
In these competitive exhibitions, she continues, "success conferred the highest prestige, and failure brought personal disappointment and public ignominy.
Thus God promised to send angels to warn Lot and his family that the general ignominy of the town would lead to annihilation.
When Francis did become king in 1515, Louise was elevated in rank, becoming one of the king's chief advisors, winning ignominy in her despoliation of the Bourbon inheritance, but also enduring appreciation as the woman who held France together after the capture of Francis at Pavia in 1525.
Kaplan even suffered the ignominy of being blown off by a local gossip columnist, who rebuffed his information-slobbering with a curt: "Go find your own stories and stop trying to steal mine.
Our thought was to sway a few Christian people from the ignominy of helping this man do what he was saying he would do," Little said last month in an interview with Church & State.
Anglo-French IT services company, Sema Group Plc and financial software company Misys Plc both face the ignominy of being kicked out of the FTSE index of top 100 companies at the end of today's trading.
The memory of such abuses contributed to what Gibbon called "the ignominy which, in every age and country, has attended the character of an informer.
It is therefore inevitable that every one of them, including Ginger, will end in ignominy, and, more often than not, brutal death.
Instead of ignominy and ostracism, these white men who defied the norm, according to Alexander, were still shown reverence in the community.
I always wondered if someone's career was stunted, or if a cloud of ignominy settled over some hapless young product manager, who was forever stigmatized as the guy who went down with Yabba Dabba Dew.