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not very high but not ignorable as well," said an official at a supermarket, requesting his name not be mentioned.
This may be due to the small proportion of zeros, and hence an ignorable sample selection effect in the doctor/hospital visit equation.
Not long ago--fifteen years or so--a very large number of intelligent and well-informed people had never heard of the Internet, and many others regarded it as some kind of bastard offspring of CB radio, the pet rock, and Pong, an interesting but ultimately rather silly and ignorable fad that would have its day and fade ingloriously away.
All these woes are unravelling while foreign presence and the strained relations with the international community are hardly ignorable and may provide good reason for the international community to consider the option of imposing foreign solutions on the country.
The heightened obedience statutes passed in most states reinforce this ethos by establishing police commands as unquestionable and only criminally ignorable.
Perhaps he'll provide an ignorable voice of his reason, his meth-fuelled rants on conspiracy this and government that offering more truth and fact than his frustrated colleagues realise.
These knee-jerk reactions have many manifestations, from the eminently ignorable Kelvin McKenzie, who believes that anyone who doesn't live in the capital is somehow 'unproductive', to those like the London mayor who put it more politely by simply saying that London is the 'motor' of the British economy and therefore deserves nearly all capital investment: 'A pound spent in Croydon is of far more value to the country than a pound spent in Strathclyde.
Scenario 1: Side B, the deterrer, holds hostage the critical interests (A1) of Side A, the one being deterred, asking Side A to compromise in A2, which is not as valuable as A1, whereas Side B's cost (B2) would be very small and ignorable.
The Shannon/Weaver model aspires to an ideal communication situation (and therefore reminds me of Jurgen Habermas), in which the vehicle is transparent, and therefore ignorable.
Now, that would be -- well, not really OK-- but ignorable, if it weren't for the fact that an increasing number of smart people are now engaging in what I will politely call "questionable behaviour," which roughly translates to not knowing when to keep your piezoelectric (which is Autocorrect for pie hole) shut.
Further, as evidenced by Sherman's (2000) assessment of American National Election Studies panels, attrition in panel surveys is often justifiably ignorable.
She underlined that the Iranian territory and territorial integrity is not an ignorable issue and "we don't allow anyone to comment on Iran's ownership (on its territories)".