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IGNORAMUS, practice. We are ignorant. This word, which in law means we are uninformed, is written on a bill by a grand jury, when they find that there is not sufficient evidence to authorize their finding it a true bill. Sometimes, instead of using this word, the grand jury endorse on the bill, "Not found." 4 Bl. Com. 305. Vide Grand Jury.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This book profiles 15 theatre companies in Chicago that collaboratively create their performances: 500 Clown, About Face Youth Theatre, Albany Park Theater Project, Barrel of Monkeys, Every house has a door, FEMelanin, Free Street Theater, Honey Pot Performance, Lookingglass Theatre, the Neo-Futurists, the Second City, Southside Ignoramus Quartet, Teatro Luna, Walkabout Theater, and the Young Fugitives.
(Sir) Philip - the man who sent BHS to its doom when he sold it to a business ignoramus for PS1 - is a man who believes a price can be put on any insult, any hurt or any humiliation.
Perhaps if he did his research before shooting his mouth off he might avoid being dubbed the "ignoramus who triggered the break-up of the UK".
DONALD Trump is a mendacious narcissist and complete ignoramus. He has brought disgrace to the office of President of the United States.
Former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer said Trump is "a deeply disturbed ignoramus who is a pathological liar".
All my life, I've been a football ignoramus. To illustrate: As the drum major in our high-school band, I was required to direct the fight song each time our football team scored.
The great chronicler of Yiddish language Max Weinreich writes in his History of the Yiddish Language, "Yiches derives from the principle that Torah is the best of wares and on this the entire social scale was based: an ignoramus; a boor; a workaday Jew; a Jew; a scholar; a renowned scholar; a genius." Many rabbis disapproved of this concept, emphasizing the importance of judging a person on his or her own merit.
However, anybody inside who derives his strength from external powers is being misled like his predecessors who are ignoramus about the history of Bahrain and all Bahraini people's rejection of any external interventions in their internal affairs throughout the history of this archipelago, and have defeated the enemy in numerous cases".
"How To Play the Ukulele for the Complete Ignoramus" is a spiral-bound instruction book of 104 pages with CD which presents a compact program of ukulele instruction, chording, strumming, tuning, reading, and playing popular, simple ukulele songs.
He reaffirmed Bahrain's supportive stance with Saudi Arabia in confronting all challenges and combating the cowardly terroristic acts plotted by suspicious, malicious foreign sides and implemented by some ignoramus misled culprits.
Users like Iqra Iqbal went a step further in condemning the app as he called it "a violation of human rights." "My beloved brothers and sisters are dying in Gaza and some stupid ignoramus decides to make a game like this," he wrote.
Villarreal condemned the banana insult with a message on Twitter after their defeat, which said that it is a pity to see an 'ignoramus' capable of such a lamentable act, adding that there is no room for it in sport and even less in their club.