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IGNORAMUS, practice. We are ignorant. This word, which in law means we are uninformed, is written on a bill by a grand jury, when they find that there is not sufficient evidence to authorize their finding it a true bill. Sometimes, instead of using this word, the grand jury endorse on the bill, "Not found." 4 Bl. Com. 305. Vide Grand Jury.

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Poncho, start using these ignoramuses and draft an I-only-autograph-tits policy.
Unreliable as art critique, and confused as history, this magpie book is for ignoramuses only.
That chap's got the push because his TV followers and bosses are ignoramuses.
President Ahmadi-nejad says the United States supports "all" dictators, and the United Kingdom recruits ignoramuses to be soldiers it sends to the Middle East.
Unforgiveably, he failed to stare down the rabid end of the media and the broadcasting ignoramuses on the BBC Trust over the Ross-Brand controversy, an episode that should have been settled internally rather than dictated by the lunatic fringe.
These inconsiderate ignoramuses must suffer from King Canute syndrome, or maybe they just think they can walk on water, no matter what.
THINGS I will not have been doing last night: I will not have been out at the pub getting ratted with racing ignoramuses.
THE ignoramuses who continually criticise Chelsea should accept that a manager's priority is winning games - and Jose Mourinho is doing just that.
We're very happy that racegoers were able to get to Aintree using other modes of transport, with as little delay as possible, and being someone who is very proud of my city, as many of my colleagues are too, it's hurtful to think that a few ignoramuses think that of us
To all the ignoramuses who continue to falsely claim that Bush ``stole'' the election: Forget total national popular vote.
Perhaps the ignoramuses at Cardiff Bus would like some disability awareness training.
Joseph Medical Center yesterday morning, their volunteer drivers proving to the world that they are nothing like the arrogant, self-centered, fuel-squandering ignoramuses of stereotype.