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IGNORAMUS, practice. We are ignorant. This word, which in law means we are uninformed, is written on a bill by a grand jury, when they find that there is not sufficient evidence to authorize their finding it a true bill. Sometimes, instead of using this word, the grand jury endorse on the bill, "Not found." 4 Bl. Com. 305. Vide Grand Jury.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the struggle for control of education policy, it is regrettable that the bigots and ignoramuses are the two dominant parties.
During an interview with Kareklas on February 14, Anastasiades described Christofias and his government as "ignoramuses" for accepting a haircut on Greek debt that eventually led to the near-collapse of Cyprus' banking system and its economy because of the large number of bonds held by Laiki and Bank of Cyprus.
Contrary to the common trope of Americans as political ignoramuses (or "low-information voters," in the euphemistic language of scholarship and punditry), Graber (political science, U.
The phrase "ignorance is bliss" could have been put together especially for these ignoramuses.
He said: "It's always sweet to silence ignoramuses. They know who they are.
I have lived in Muslim countries and have Muslim friends, and I meant the insults for the ignoramuses of Islam who, alas, seem to be in the majority nowadays.
President Ahmadi-nejad says the United States supports "all" dictators, and the United Kingdom recruits ignoramuses to be soldiers it sends to the Middle East.
He then turns the gun on himself for using ignorami instead of ignoramuses as the plural for ignoramus.
Like Mr Hodgkinson, I am astonished the York executive, like that of Cheltenham, seeks to ignore the tens of thousands of customers, loyal over many decades, who are only too happy to take time off to attend these meetings mid-week but do not want to be trampled by the inebriated, loud and foul-mouthed ignoramuses who would form the greater part of any increased attendance on a Saturday.
As Mr O'Neill mentions, you always have the ignoramuses who disparage the mineworkers - a former Birmingham MP living in a leafy suburb in the 1970s referred to them as "the enemies of the state" and closer to home a relative of mine said at the time that they were a load of troublemakers.
We increasingly feel that we are treated as immature ignoramuses who cannot be trusted to make informed decisions, whether at local or national level.
Unless the Blues have hedged against foreign currency transactions - for accounting ignoramuses like myself, that means paying for a financial instrument that protects against foreign currency movements - the falling pound could mean a bigger transfer fee.