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When Congress passes laws, the president has the right to ignore these laws if he believes they infringe upon his war powers or his role as Commander in Chief.
As is his wont, he ignores the results from a randomized field trial, conducted by Johns Hopkins researchers, that found that Success for All has large, statistically significant positive effects on student literacy.
The argument that the Second Amendment gives the president the right to ignore the other two branches also ignores that fact that the First Amendment gives the Congress the authority to pass the laws and the Third Amendment the judiciary the authority to interpret them.
The author ignores Natural Law, which is the capacity of the human being to gain insight, by the use of reason, into the divine law.
This approach ignores the fact that the background rate incorporates both freshwater and saltwater fish consumption (U.
By reducing American politics to language, Lakoff ignores the context that gives meaning to those words.
Even when I bump into him in the hall, he ignores me.
13) The idea that dancing was the only exercise available to most working-class women may be defensible, but it ignores the importance of (for example) cycling, rambling and team sports in the inter-war years, which should certainly not be played down.
Former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Desmond Tutu, known for his fight against apartheid, has also criticized President Thabo Mbeki, saying that if South Africa ignores human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, it might one day ignore them at home.
involvement in the region begun during the Republican Eisenhower administration, ignores the manipulations of Nixon appointee Henry Kissinger that led to defeat and the abandonment of most of the POWs, claims that Nixon ended the war in 1973 "honorably," and even maintains that he would have done better except for his Democrat-inspired Watergate woes.
Michael Slattery, senior vice president of the Real Estate Board of New York, complained that the report ignores possible increases in water and sewage charges.
While the static approach of simply holding the unaltered forward contract may turn out to be more profitable than a dynamic risk management alternative in any single situation, in the long run, the firm that reacts to changing risks and opportunities in a disciplined and businesslike manner should have a considerable advantage over a competitor who categorically ignores available information.