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Studies shows that autograft from femoral canal has more level of growth factors than that of iliac crest.
The Iliac Crest is an intelligent and unforgettable piece of queer literature.
It is very likely that health professionals, both manual therapists and others, have been diagnosing and treating patients in part by associating spinal levels with scapular and iliac crest landmark rules that are now known to be inaccurate.
The present case was treated with block resection as left side hemi-mandibulectomy with reconstruction of mandible with bone grafting from Iliac crest.
The patient received an open reduction and internal fixation with an autograft from the iliac crest.
1 BMA is usually performed in the posterior iliac crest under local anaesthesia.
Resection of a giant cell tumour of the proximal phalanx and reconstruction by iliac crest graft.
The area of iliac crest on either side in New Zealand White rabbit was prepared in aseptic manner (Figure 3).
The CT suggested ring-enhancing lesions of both scapulae (Figure 2a) and the right iliac crest.
ILLUSTRATION Inter iliac crest distance: [OMITTED] Distance between the most lateral points of the left and right iliac crests, as measured in the coronal plane.
Bone marrow aspirates were obtained from the sternum in 65 patients with stable coronary artery disease during cardiac surgery, and from the iliac crest of 10 healthy controls.
Nadal said that the stem cell treatment was a little aggressive compared with his knee treatment because a hole was drilled on his back to extract the stem cells from the iliac crest.