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For aspiration from the iliac crest, the greater prominence of the wing of the ileum was palpated.
Iliac crest bone graft has remained the gold standard for use as an adjunct in fusion of the lumbar spine.
Upon initiation of the study and after 8 weeks, the height, body weight and abdominal, iliac crest and thigh subcutaneous fat thickness and abdominal circumference (midway between the lower rib margin and the iliac crest) of the subjects were measured sequential by Slingide caliper and non-elastic meter.
Working trocars are then inserted between the anterior-axillary line and posterior-axillary line at the level midway between the costal margin and the iliac crest.
Iliac crest bone grafts are a well-known cause of significant pain in the first 24 hours postoperatively (1).
Likewise, an immunoglobulin assay, CA125 measurement, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) from the skull base to the iliac crest were also normal.
Stimulation sites for y-gradients included the scapula, upper arms, shoulders, right side of thorax, iliac crest and upper back.
The boney defect was restored at the same stage, with an autogenous iliac crest free bone graft fixed with a 4-hole titanium mini plate (Fig 3a and 3b).
I refer to the very prominent iliac crest and to the shape, protuberance and exaggerated ridge of the lower abdomen, well illustrated by Polykleitos' Doryphoros, or "Spearbearer" (Fig.
This is in contrast to the current practice of bone marrow aspiration through the insertion of a needle into multiple sites in the iliac crest of the hip, which usually requires general anesthesia, an operating room, and multiple clinical personnel.
Their waists were measured at the level of the uppermost border of the iliac crest.