ill at ease

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Prince Andrew evidently felt ill at ease, but to the two women it seemed quite natural that they should cry, and apparently it never entered their heads that it could have been otherwise at this meeting.
Never have I been so ill at ease in prison, as I was in that carriage.
He rested because he was exhausted, but even in his sleep he was ill at ease.
The old man, on the other hand, felt himself ill at ease with a brother-in-law whom he could not annoy, who did not mind about being considered poor, had nothing to ask of him, and understood all kinds of farming and mining business better than he did.
Levin arrived in Moscow always excited and in a hurry, rather ill at ease and irritated by his own want of ease, and for the most part with a perfectly new, unexpected view of things.
I wish,' said Mr Haredale, moving to and fro, and stopping, and moving on again, like one who was ill at ease, 'that this could have been foreseen or prevented.
You have made up your mind,' said Louisa, still standing before him where she had first stopped - in all the singular contrariety of her self- possession, and her being obviously very ill at ease - 'to show the nation the way out of all its difficulties.
Snagsby should be ill at ease too, for he always is so, more or less, under the oppressive influence of the secret that is upon him.
The world owes all its onward impulses to men ill at ease.
You planned this marriage of your own freewill," pursued the captain, with the furtive look and the faltering voice of a man ill at ease.
Morison pacing back and forth, evidently very ill at ease.
He arrived in his Sunday clothes, very ill at ease among the funereal surroundings.