ill at ease

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I have always had bundles of it" Singer Lulu who is to return to the West End stage in a leading role in the musical 42nd Street, aged 69 "I feel ill at ease in a room full of Conservatives.
Immigration chief Jaime Morente said Quijano appeared ill at ease and was acting suspiciously.
But Cracksman looked ill at ease round Epsom's contours and also sat close to a searing early pace that handed an advantage to the hold-up horses, who included Wings Of Eagles and runner-up Cliffs Of Moher.
Jockey William Buick reported the colt felt ill at ease on the quick ground and underfoot conditions will now be a major consideration in deciding where he next runs.
They promise a Greater Britain built on Brexit, but would deliver only a Little England, tragically ill at ease with itself, and struggling with reduced inward investment and shrinking employment.
He added: "I have never been to a country more ill at ease .
Llodra, feeling ill at ease, called for the trainer at that stage and decided he would go no further in the match on Court 14.
Hodgson still has matters to address, including the form of former skipper John Terry, who looked ill at ease playing for Chelsea in Tuesday night's 4-1 defeat at Liverpool.
Even the girls, Rachel Riley and Suzie Dent, don't seem to be on the same wavelength and appear ill at ease with his efforts.
SINCE publication of my letter, about the benefit cuts protest (Viewpoints, April 16), thoughts of the meagre understanding healthy and affluent politicians have of disabled, sick and elderly people's problems, living on the pittance of a DWP disability benefit, have left me ill at ease and annoyed.
Rachel, who still lives in their hometown Blackwood, also says she is ill at ease with the culture that has grown up around her missing brother.
While the former Manchester United striker has shown exceptional form this season, scoring 10 goals so far in the Premier League, he has at times looked ill at ease.