ill feeling

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The show is moving to Salford Quays and the ill feeling is so bad among staff that they have arranged a "Salford or f*** it" party on March 31 - the last day they have to make a decision.
And the England player is adamant he will now give "100%" to Villa and that there is no ill feeling between himself and manager Martin O'Neill whose pounds 18million valuation of the 27-year-old could not be met by the Merseysiders.
So that means a cold-hearted bionic piece of metal posing as a human which can inflict pain and suffering to the poor innocent motorist with no ill feeling or remorse.
It causes ill feeling to the people you are approaching if you don't do the basic things required.
People who are genuine claimants get angry and there is also ill feeling amongst taxpayers who have to fund the benefits system.
The comments penned by Birmingham city councillors when invited to declare whether they are Freemasons are indicative of the ill feeling about what has always been a touchy subject.
She tearfully embraced Ms Merrick after the inquest, telling her that she held her no ill feeling.
I have no ill feeling towards anybody or any community.
Vaughn claimed he had matters to sort out in South Africa but there was no ill feeling over his departure.
And Romanov insisted there was no ill feeling between senior players and Eduard Malofeev (above right) and that Valdas Ivanauskas's absence late last year was just down to ill health.
CYCLING: The Tour of Britain arrived in London yesterday, bringing with it concerns about the capital's ability to host the Tour de France as well as ill feeling between the British riders and their European counterparts.
I bear no ill feeling to Cristiano but am disappointed that he chose to get involved.