ill management

See: misconduct
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And he's lost more by ill management o' the woods, I'll be bound, than 'ud pay for two stewards.
He alleged government for ill management in connection with no access to the affected families in remote areas.
This all is due to ill management of the government.
The Syrian bombardments carried by both the opposition and the regime are an indication to the ill management of inter-Lebanese as well as Lebanese-Syrian relationships.
Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, while chairing the meeting of the Cabinet, declared that it was imperative to devise ways and means to stop this ill management and lack of commitment which was resulting in massive losses of public funds which, he said, could have been used for the development of the country and welfare of the people.
Qualified doctors and health sector workers are migrating to other countries, which is a loss to Jordan," Tahtamouni added, "Jordan's health budget compared to the density of its population is quite large, however, ill management of resources and funds is bringing down the health sector.
In the context of library interlending, a new EDE protocol must be designed to integrate as seamlessly as possible with library business processes and workflows and the ILL management systems and protocols supporting them.
A browser-based ILL management application provides the resources for library administrators to establish a sequence of preferred lenders to receive requests for a loan, as well as providing status information and standard reports.
Although I feel sorry for Yorkshire's customers, I'm aggrieved that we, too, are paying the price of ill management.
It is time to admit that the ill management of authority is the primary reason for the development of this enemy.
has facilitated resource sharing between disparate, non-standardized ILL management systems.
Instead of calling upon the Street to protest against the ill management of public affairs issues, this formula was replaced by selecting a fateful voting day connected to the results of the referendum.