ill repute

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This is the kind of ploy that makes the state Legislature look like houses of ill repute.
The restaurant is 13 different historic buildings, including a former opium den, house of ill repute, residences and a warehouse, all seamlessly linked by intricate mosaic floors," said author Kit Wohl.
Another character, Jack Ziegler, also known as Uncle Jack, is a secretive and peculiar man of ill repute who is the godfather of one of the Garland children, a former business associate of the Judge and a probable contributor to his downfall.
It overlooks the town's harbour - which in the 1800s teemed with houses of ill repute frequented by lusty sailors.
Kaschemme, developed out of the Gipsy word katsima, designates a joint of ill repute.
Churches and an opera house pushed aside houses of ill repute.
Old-timers still tell about the two houses of ill repute that operated on Main Street all through the '20s and '30s and weren't closed until the World War II trainees left in the mid-'40s.
Despite the common view that the church was in ill repute immediately prior to the Reformation and that relatively few young men wished to become clerics, Cooper shows that the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century saw an increasing number of ordinations.
Despite the best efforts of his womenfolk to protect him, Mohamed finds himself continually harassed and embroiled in fights with his peers, his neighbors, and his teachers because of his family's ill repute and socioeconomic background.
He had dreamed of eventually joining the police full-time but had now resigned from the Specials for fear of bringing ill repute on the service.
It has fallen into ill repute in recent years as former directors like Raul Salinas, brother of former president Carlos Salinas, brought in shiploads of bad beans and radioactive milk and used agency trucks to move drug loads north.