ill usage

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The simple fact was, that Oliver, instead of possessing too little feeling, possessed rather too much; and was in a fair way of being reduced, for life, to a state of brutal stupidity and sullenness by the ill usage he had received.
It would have been mere madness for any two or three of the number, unassisted by the rest, to attempt making a stand against his ill usage. They would only have called down upon themselves the particular vengeance of this
THE NCDL was founded in 1891 to protect dogs from "torture and ill usage of every kind".
The absence of any reference to this leaves Amphialus' intense grief for the 'ill usage' of Philoclea in his mother's castle somewhat unaccountable.
In a few cases he admitted to magnifying specimens to better show their features, restoring to undamaged appearance a few crystals that had been "bruised by ill usage," showing only the best portion of a specimen as if it had been trimmed, or even upon rare occasion "compositing" the best crystals from a very large specimen onto a matrix small enough to fit his printed page.