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THE STORY: Recently-widowed Cedric Brown (Firth) tries to tame his seven ill-behaved children through a series of nannies, all of whom are sent on their way by the kids' plotting.
THIS week Blaydon MP John McWilliam revealed hidden talents as a musician and an ill-behaved schoolboy.
Edgar & Ellen are two ill-behaved twins who like to confuse and frustrate residents of Nod's Limbs.
During the week at our beach hut I did not hear a single foul-mouthed outburst, witness a violent family row or wince at the antics of an ill-behaved child.
For example, in the chapter on women it praises women on the one hand as being equal to men in the eyes of Allah, and deserving of fair treatment, but on the other hand it specifically states (in surah 4:34) that a man has the right to beat his wife if there is fear that she is disloyal or ill-behaved (Ali, 1934, p.
I know not when I have seen so well-dressed and ill-behaved a congregation.
If you teach a haphazardly designed lesson, you will produce confused, frustrated and ill-behaved students, and waste much time and energy revising lessons and reteaching concepts to an anxious and uncooperative class.
There he'll find plenty of ill-behaved toddlers who scream loudly when they have to play by someone else's rules, pout when they don't get their way, and throw unqualified tantrums when they discover that, yes indeed, bad decisions sometimes lead to painful consequences.
If you have an ill-behaved program, you can tell Windows XP to pretend to be any previous version of Windows.
Additionally, GCs can generate extremely large errors when functions are ill-behaved.
A DHD are ill-behaved, spoilt kids who need more discipline.
Murray says it is surprising how often parents don't monitor their kids' sleep habits--and then they wonder why their offspring are cranky and ill-behaved.