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Elinor was not inclined, after a little observation, to give him credit for being so genuinely and unaffectedly ill-natured or ill-bred as he wished to appear.
She knew that the intruder was ill-bred, even before she glanced at him.
Lucy, too, was perplexed; but she saw that they were in for what is known as "quite a scene," and she had an odd feeling that whenever these ill-bred tourists spoke the contest widened and deepened till it dealt, not with rooms and views, but with--well, with something quite different, whose existence she had not realized before.
Believe me, hundreds of other ill-bred guys would be willing to take the place of any prejudiced garlic cartel member.
Men and women looked angrily at me, considering me an ill-bred girl.
Likewise, the educated urban class tends to dismiss the voters who supported Brexit or back Trump as stupid and ill-bred.
President Erdoy-an also slammed his Western critics, particularly the Western media, defining the statements against him as "ugly, aggressive and ill-bred.
Cannon fodder, they died without knowing why --they simply served as a ladder-- our fathers were buried alive in the mine they treated us like animals --saying, "dumb Indian," they scolded us like ill-bred children-- we couldn't even wear a coarse cotton shirt, they wouldn't let us enter cities, --"filthy servants"--they sold us and no one protested we were meant to suffer in misery, shoved around, to suffer contempt, that's what we were there for .
Almost 70 percent of [the people who responded to the survey] see me as an ill-bred girl, and that is frustrating," Yahia said.
more refined in mind [and] healthier in morals than many of the ill-bred, discourteous women of the better(?
Most probably ill-bred, no manners and completely lacking in emotional intelligence.