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Moreover, there are precedents of action by African forces in Somalia and Sudan that would drive one to test their role once again, since it has become difficult for Western countries to drag their armies into quagmires of ill-consequence.
net/articles/2013-12-02-every-xbox-one-really-can-be-a-dev-kit) via Eurogamer cautioning Xbox One gamers about the ill-consequences of blindly following the YouTube instructions to unlock the console through Developer Settings menu:
A JKLF spokesman said prior to the Khrew rally, the JKLF leaders distributed pamphlets at Woyen, apprising people of the ill-consequences of elections.
What has scared some of the consumers was that in 1976 in the US there was another kind of swine flu and about 40 million people had the vaccine and some suffered ill-consequences," Dr Henry told the GDN.