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Robert Livingston's ill-considered proposal confounds me.
But when he attributes the idea for something like Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, a mechanical ancestor of the modern computer, to the Turk's influence on young Babbage's mind, it smacks of ill-considered authorial postulate rather than credible research.
Over his period in Government as deputy to Mr Blair, Prescott has regularly embarrassed this country with his loutish behaviour and ill-considered comments and it has not been mentioned during the references to the " Blair legacies " that one of major mistakes Blair made was to appoint Prescott to high office - one which he is totally unsuited to.
I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project," said Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation chairman.
AFTER reading Cur Ken Sims' ill-considered views on the Tesco situation, which will benefit only the Supermarket chain, and one or two individuals, we now have his statement on the Chinese granite being laid in St George's Square - "when the new stone has weathered it will all look the same" (Examiner, August 28) implying that the granite will be a good match for the existing Yorkshire stone.
It's time for the government to bite the bullet and admit this ill-considered, hasty and messy contract has been a catastrophic mistake.
But LMA chief executive Richard Bevan added: "Sepp Blatter's remarks are extremely ill-considered.
A smart response will almost always take you further than a quick, ill-considered response.
THE ill-considered, disastrous overdraining of Cheltenham, producing firm jumping ground for the best part of the last decade, has changed the face of British jumping in all aspects.
To oppose a policy, to believe a war is ill-considered, to be involved in great social, moral and political issues: It's all evidence of caring.
In towns, where the vast majority of road deaths and injuries occur, speed limits are often ill-considered and poorly enforced.
Saddam has a long history of aggression, brutality, and, most important, ill-considered and reckless actions.