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Unite/CPHVA lead professional officer Obi Amadi stated: 'The conclusion is ill-considered and does not take into account the health benefits associated with breastfeeding.
Hence the ill-considered knee-jerk reaction to close the bars.
It seems to me the document about which we are talking is, at a minimum, ill-considered and unprofessional because to discuss such issues without the basic supplier is simply not serious," he said.
Dear Editor, It is very easy to be cynical about the motivation behind aviation taxes - especially as the government, against the advice of the Sustainable Deveopment Commission, seems determined to push ahead with ill-considered plans for a third runway at Heathrow.
Cameron's ill-considered outburst provoked fury from the Jewish community who believe these trips are vitally important.
These merely masquerade as financial solutions; truly, they make ill-considered financial behavior automatic.
Vendetta and Villains have an important anti-crime message which ill-considered legislation could destroy.
JULIE-ANNE WHITNEY: The former campaign manager for Jim Craig's failed congressional bid is done in by her writer/brother and his ill-considered, and apparently poorly researched, attempted hatchet job on Jeb Bradley.
An ill-considered canal project, however, combined with three years of heavy rains in the Southwest to bring the Colorado River brimming over its banks.
Disheveled front man Rhett Miller plays the charming, eager troublemaker to perfection, his soulful voice ranging from a cocky rasp to a self-pitying sob as he spins tragicomic tales of alcoholic calamity and ill-considered romance.
Ill-considered science, driven by ruthless capitalism, might--as a reincarnated Tyrannosaurus Rex would explain before eating you--cause a few problems for humankind.