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However, geoscientists remain unsure about the shock's tectonic significance because they occurred in a seismically quiet region on an ill-defined section of the rift zone, says Bruce Presgrave of the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) in Golden, Colo.
A renamed HRD would still be the current, ambiguous, ill-defined field struggling to establish its identity and stalled in issues about what is central to the profession, how the profession adds value to the world, and what HRD professionals do now and need to do in the future.
Macroscopically, the lesion typically appears as an exophytic tumor with a raised erythematous mucosa and ill-defined margins surrounding a necrotic ulcer.
SDLP deputy leader Seamus Mallon said: "I'm concerned at the quite gratuitous and ill-defined section of powers."
First, it trades on an ill-defined dichotomy between interests that are deemed to be "public" and those that are merely private.
More than 90 percent of the hepatitis transmitted through blood transfusions represents the non-A, non-B type, an ill-defined ailment diagnosed when non-specific biochemical tests indicate liver injury but the blood bears no indicators of any known hepatitis-causing virus, Houghton says.
Kim envisions a computer that enables a user to start not just with words but with any picture, no matter how ill-defined initially.
But any one of these directions of speculation, including results that crush the idea, would be very interesting." Such speculations give physicists ways to probe their understanding of physical laws, illuminating ill-defined concepts and gaps in scientific knowledge.
The opinion by Justice Jim Rice described the plaintiffs' challenges to the law as ill-defined, broad and improperly stated assertions.
Improving vital registrations is a priority for the World Health Organization (WHO) (1) In 2003, only one quarter of the WHO member nations had high quality of vital statistics, while most countries (51%), including Brazil, had intermediate quality, covering between 70% and 90% of the country's deaths or showing percentage of ill-defined causes between 10% and 20% (2).
His small naked torso was covered in ill-defined tattoos that went up his neck and presumably under his hat.
Earlier this month, Congo said four Ugandan soldiers and three civilians had been killed in clashes with Congolese troops on the lake, the international boundaries of which are ill-defined. The clashes broke out after the Congolese navy went to negotiate the release of some of the first fishermen detained by Uganda.