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This deliverance tamed our ill-disposed Englishmen for a great while; the sight had filled them with horror, and the consequences appeared terrible to the last degree, especially upon supposing that some time or other they should fall into the hands of those creatures, who would not only kill them as enemies, but for food, as we kill our cattle; and they professed to me that the thoughts of being eaten up like beef and mutton, though it was supposed it was not to be till they were dead, had something in it so horrible that it nauseated their very stomachs, made them sick when they thought of it, and filled their minds with such unusual terror, that they were not themselves for some weeks after.
Let me tell you, sir," he began deliberately, doing his utmost to restrain himself but breathing hard, "at the first moment I saw you you were ill-disposed to me, but I remained here on purpose to find out more.
But both Putin and Erdogan are strong-willed leaders ill-disposed to being challenged.
Turkey is highly sensitive to threats to its border security, and Erdoy-an, commander-in-chief of its armed forces, is ill-disposed to being threatened.
Like ensemble film generally, salon movies are ill-disposed to nuanced character studies -- though veteran directors sometimes manage this, especially if they're working with seasoned actors.
Its danger is that it obviously portrays sexual activity with children, and the more it's portrayed, the more the ill-disposed may think it's acceptable.
And for Pakistan, this election means much as it has in the field power contenders predominantly ill-disposed towards this country.
Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has a tough potential foe in Anbar's well-armed tribes, fellow Sunnis ill-disposed to ceding power to Al Qaeda even if they share ISIL's hostility to the Shi'ite-led central government.
We know that he is personally ill-disposed to devolving any further powers to Wales and he is acting as a brake on powers we need now.
We know that he is personally ill-disposed to devolving any further powers to Wales and he is therefore acting as a brake on powers that we need now.
Intervening with guns blazing will solve nothing, unless there are 75,000 troops available to wade in and secure Assad's large and dispersed arsenal, in the midst of a civil war in which a large number of participants are ill-disposed to Westerners.