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Hunt, Ramsay Crooks, Robert Stuart, and other intrepid Astorians, in their ill-fated expeditions across the mountains, appeared for a time to check all further enterprise in that direction.
Ernest was madly impatient to be out in the world and doing, for our ill-fated First Revolt, that had miscarried in the Chicago Commune, was ripening fast.
uf himself opened the scene by thus addressing his ill-fated captive.
In dress he somewhat aped the attire associated with the name of Charles II, having heard it said in some earlier period of his career that he bore a strange resemblance to the ill-fated Stuarts; and in his mouth he had a holder of his own contrivance which enabled him to smoke two cigars at once.
It seems foolish to write you a letter that you may never see, but I simply must tell somebody of our awful experiences since we sailed from Europe on the ill-fated Arrow.
And then the noble spoke, and like a flash it all came back to Carthoris--the forward servant upon the landing-stage at Ptarth that time that he had been explaining the intricacies of his new compass to Thuvan Dihn; the lone slave that had guarded his own hangar that night he had left upon his ill-fated journey for Ptarth--the journey that had brought him so mysteriously to far Aaanthor.
On the sixth day, he reached the Eagle Canon, from which they had commenced their ill-fated flight.
I am bound to Mombasa from Kampala and I had to hit them to save more lives when the steering system failed in my lorry," the driver of the ill-fated trailer said.
The ill-fated car passengers were going to Benazir International Airport to see off their two cousins those were brothers.
The ill-fated motor-car was on its way back in a wedding karvan from Risalpur city to Charsadda district when the accident took place-turning the moment of joy into a moment of sorrow and sadness.
Danny Cipriani had an ill-fated spell Danny Cipriani had an ill-fated spell with which Super Rugby franchise?
FAMILY TRAGEDY: A file photo of the ill-fated Kerala families involved in a crash on the Riyadh-Dammam highway.