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The court therefore considered his complaint to be manifestly ill-founded pursuant to Article 35 of the Convention and declared the application inadmissible.
The possibility of further economic turbulence is not ill-founded.
Those claims proved ill-founded when the weather proved more changeable than predicted, and the organisation was forced to eat its words, for the third summer in a row.
Sir, The opinions in Joanna Blythman's ill-founded, prejudiced and frankly not credible rant on salmon farming (The Grocer, 24 January) are not generally shared.
He said it was "an ill-founded allegation," To claim surgeries needed protecting.
Meanwhile, S&P said Lehman has a stable base of funding and strong fundamentals, but 'could suffer severely if there was an adverse change in market perceptions, however ill-founded.
It would be such a pity to miss this positive opportunity because of ill-founded worries.
While the price tag of the session topper was a far cry from the NZEUR2m (pounds 778,889/ EUR1,048,678) paid for a Zabeel colt out of the champion mare Sunline at last year's sale, fears that the economy may have a negative impact on Karaka's flagship auction proved ill-founded, with returns soaring across the board.
Eriksson maintains such claims are ill-founded, and the only reason why Bianchi joined Lazio on loan until the end of the season was purely football-related.
She makes some outrageous and ill-founded suggestions.
The Lexington Blue Grass Airport said in a statement that it operates safely and disappointment was expressed that Comair "has chosen to make ill-founded claims against the Airport Board, its members and employees".
If only our church leaders would concentrate on leading their flocks instead of propagating ill-founded anti-private sector fads, they would not appear so foolish and our church would not be dwindling away into irrelevance.