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The court therefore considered his complaint to be manifestly ill-founded pursuant to Article 35 of the Convention and declared the application inadmissible.
While these assumptions can prove useful within queer communities as shorthand for lesbian cruising, we should be careful not to ground them in the world at large as they are often ill-founded and politically misaligned--re-asserting a gendered binary based on heteronormative codes.
YOU SAID: Any thoughts of a return to the Premiership next season are ill-founded.
The possibility of further economic turbulence is not ill-founded.
This ham-fisted approach of demanding 30pc seems a favoured business stratagem so by applying for a 30pc increase, they are using ill-founded logic that end users will eventually settle for 15pc, whereas if they had asked for a 15pc increase in the first place, they would have to settle for even less.
Those claims proved ill-founded when the weather proved more changeable than predicted, and the organisation was forced to eat its words, for the third summer in a row.
He said it was "an ill-founded allegation," To claim surgeries needed protecting.
Meanwhile, S&P said Lehman has a stable base of funding and strong fundamentals, but 'could suffer severely if there was an adverse change in market perceptions, however ill-founded.
While the price tag of the session topper was a far cry from the NZEUR2m (pounds 778,889/ EUR1,048,678) paid for a Zabeel colt out of the champion mare Sunline at last year's sale, fears that the economy may have a negative impact on Karaka's flagship auction proved ill-founded, with returns soaring across the board.
Eriksson maintains such claims are ill-founded, and the only reason why Bianchi joined Lazio on loan until the end of the season was purely football-related.
She makes some outrageous and ill-founded suggestions.