ill-gotten goods

See: plunder
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You have the bulge at present," admitted Raffles; "but you have still to lay hands upon your, or our, ill-gotten goods.
It was said that she had accomplices at Newport and Bristol who disposed of her ill-gotten goods.
Meanwhile, West Midlands community projects are benefiting from the ill-gotten goods, with the 'crime donations' funding groups and schemes.
When she shows him her ill-gotten goods, he hints that Murray gave it to her in return for sexual favours - a lie that Kirsty doesn't set straight.
The alleged ill-gotten goods included a French villa purchased by a Chinese businessman for Bo's wife Gu Kailai through shell companies managed in part by Briton Neil Heywood -- whom Gu was convicted last year of murdering.
Northumbria Police's Detective Superintendent Peter Farrell has, for the last six months, led a task force which has already grabbed back millions of pounds worth of ill-gotten goods and cash.
It was an exciting time--the height of the cocaine wars in South Florida," said Deal, who joined Miami's asset forfeiture unit that confiscated ill-gotten goods from drug lords.
The Home Office wants the ARA to grab pounds 60m a year in ill-gotten goods by 2004-2005, compared to the pounds 25m confiscated in 2000.
The Rotterdam ship owners were hoping to make their fortune by plundering Spanish settlements on the west coast of South America and exchanging these ill-gotten goods for spices in Asia.
Meanwhile, the hired thieves are traipsing around town with their ill-gotten goods, destined for a run-in with another of Tziki's cronies, a goofy John Turturro-type hoping to sell his mint-condition, old American car.