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Sprague, "no man more: he is an ill-intentioned fellow, who would sacrifice the respectability of the profession, which everybody knows depends on the London Colleges, for the sake of getting some notoriety for himself.
If needed to travel there, (it is advisable) to avoid places where there are demonstrations, shopping areas, and residential areas because these places could be targeted for bombs by ill-intentioned opportunists wanting to create unrest,'' the spokesman said.
These students know how often the actions of ill-intentioned students occur outside the presence of teachers or administrators and how, even more often, teachers and administrators turn their backs or even join in and ratify discriminatory behavior.
Those that stress compassion may not always be the best at getting the fields plowed and warding off ill-intentioned intruders.
Otherwise it would seem misguided at best and ill-intentioned at worst.
Although sectarian groups by and large aren't vicious or ill-intentioned, they do prey on the fringes of movements, and with potentially destructive consequences.
Market Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF is subject to various risks including those associated with making investments in nuclear energy companies such as restrictive regulations, accidents, breaches of security, ill-intentioned acts or terrorism, air crashes, natural disasters, equipment malfunctions or mishandling in storage, handling, transportation, treatment or conditioning of substances and nuclear materials.
In a statement, the Ministry of Labor said since Friday, a group of ill-intentioned people have spread the rumors that all garment and footwear factories in Cambodia would be shut down for one month in December.
The government has the full right and responsibility to protect people, properties and the secular fabric and integrity of the country from being destroyed by a handful of misguided and ill-intentioned individuals and agencies.
Since yesterday, an attack has been carried out against one of the biggest among them - First Investment Bank - through an outbreak of rumors and ill-intentioned public statements.
The Gambian minister unveiled that he has initiative with regard to graduates of Africa International University in the different African countries, most of them are now assuming leading positions to contribute, toward supporting the University and to defend Sudan against the ill-intentioned foreign media campaigns that are aimed to distort Sudan image.
Vysk Communications was formed to help people control access to their personal and professional information and keep it away from the prying eyes and ears of government agencies, criminal organizations, corporate spies and ill-intentioned individuals anywhere in the world.