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Sprague, "no man more: he is an ill-intentioned fellow, who would sacrifice the respectability of the profession, which everybody knows depends on the London Colleges, for the sake of getting some notoriety for himself.
However, some ill-intentioned forces and media outlets took this opportunity to spread exaggerated or false views, thus inciting demonstrations and obstructing the discussion of the amendments in the HKSAR Legislative Council.
'To protect the rule of law and maintain security, the National Police would like to appeal to the national and international public to support officials as they enforce the law and not be tricked by a handful of ill-intentioned people provoking citizens to revolt against the authorities.
The statement questioned the intentions of the NEF and the other so-called leaders in delving into issues with unsolicited, ill-intentioned advice.
'Instead of expected neighborly messages of enhancement of economic and social cooperation, mutual understanding and building of trust based on principles of truth, justice and tolerance, we heard ill-intentioned messages of hatred and intolerance from Ivica Dacic towards everything that is Bosniak.
He said that the opposition parties will not allow government's 'ill-intentioned schemes' to work, adding that the 'selected' Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) administrators want everything to be 'selected'.
The various videos released which show adults ordering children to pretend-faint clue into the ill-intentioned and untruthful nature of this panic.
'This special identification will make the country more secure, rid us of criminals and other ill-intentioned people who use fake identity cards to enter through our border points.'
There are people on the worldwide web only too ready to use it in ill-intentioned ways.
Their task is to keep ill-intentioned faerie folk from crossing into the mortal realm.
oThe crisis was because of ill-intentioned attempts, maybe not from higher positions, but by some officers.
"Our comments about John were not malicious or ill-intentioned, indeed we congratulated him on coming top in the 2004 elections.