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'I do not want to hear people saying that the people from the judiciary are uneducated and ill-mannered,' he added.
One Facebook user said that hospital staff should undergo a series of seminars for their ill-mannered behavior towards the patients who are residents of Paranaque.
A twitter user @aquariussandesh shared a clip of Singh shouting from his own car and accused him of being "Badtameez" (ill-mannered).
In his application to PR secretary, the officer said that the attitude of the new minister is extremely non-professional and ill-mannered. He further said that it was not possible for him to continue to work under the new Railways Minister, requesting a two-year leave.
In his letter, he said that Rasheed is 'extremely non-professional and ill-mannered'.
In his application letter, which has been circulated on social media, Mohammad Hanif Gul, a Grade-20 officer, said he finds it impossible to work with Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid, calling him 'nonprofessional and ill-mannered.'
A Pakistan Railways official has reportedly sought a leave for 730 days, citing the "attitude of new minister [Sheikh Rasheed] extremely non-professional and ill-mannered" as the reason.
According to the viral application, Mohammad Hanif Gul, a Grade-20 officer, has applied for the nearly 2-year long leave on full pay (LFP) as it would be impossible for him to work under the new 'extremely unprofessional and ill-mannered' Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.
Despite the ill-mannered sign-off, the Russian crowd appeared to love the 44-yearold's showmanship and many in the crowd knew the lyrics.
Summary: Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk Sunday evening criticized the campaign photos for Fouad Makhzoumi's electoral list, calling them "ill-mannered" and reiterating previous accusations that the candidate was a weapons dealer.
There is no good that comes out of firecrackers a bunch of ill-mannered kids creating a ruckus in public places.