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Richard Norman, 33, of Treboeth, near Swansea, South Wales, ran up and hit the referee from behind after he abandoned an ill-natured under-14s clash in injury time.
The current turmoil and crisis in the nation, or what is called congestions in South Yemen, are symptomatic of bankruptcy and vulnerable interest of ill-natured people, who turned to behave in a way harming the national unity under the guise of what they call "peaceful protests.
If I lose at Risk, all it costs is some ill-natured ribbing (I play with my peers, overgrown adolescents all).
Inquiries have been made about Bartlett who appears to be an ill-natured, and vindictive type of man, quite capable of bearing tales about or putting the worst interpretation on the words of anyone against whom he harboured a grudge," said one Home Office note on the case.
In his statement Tuesday, Pak Tok Hun, the North Korean deputy permanent representative, claimed that the Japanese policemen not only ''manhandled those Koreans who were protesting the excessive use of force taken during the search'' but also forced Chongryon to sell its land and building ''with an ill-natured attempt to exterminate Chongryon at any cost.
A brilliantly instinctive rider, Fordham used finesse rather than brute force, and often got the better of his great adversary, especially over the Rowley Mile, during their long and sometimes ill-natured rivalry.
Taking advantage of Arnold's popular image as an arrogant, elitist "apostle of culture" who tended to patronize unsophisticated Americans, the editor of the Chicago Daily News, angry at the rival Chicago Tribune for pirating his foreign news reports, wrote a bogus story about a very ill-natured account by Arnold of his visit to Chicago--which had supposedly appeared in the "Pall Mall Journal"--and through a devious scheme arranged to have it picked up by the Tribune.
When his wife, the ill-natured Matilda, learns of the pregnancy, she leaves him and goes into a nunnery.
Traditional accounts featured sneers by Hooke's colleagues that he was 'the most ill-natured, self-conceited man in the world, hated and despised by most of the Royal Society, pretending to have had all other inventions when once discovered by their authors to the world.
The deputies, notably members of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), agree that the US-led war on Iraq in March and the downfall of Baghdad later at the hands of the occupation forces, unveil ill-natured intentions against the Arab nations.
SHAKESPEARE Hospice volunteers are stocking up a new shop in Stratford with evening wear ready for its opening by Harry Potter actor David Bradley, who plays the ill-natured caretaker.
The hard-fought, but rarely ill-natured derby, looked like heading for a stalemate when Darren Moore brought Gareth Barry down in the 73rd minute.