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I refuse to make a hierarchy of human actions and ascribe worthiness to some and ill-repute to others.
That is the only way to reassure politically conscious citizens as well as to prevent this malaise from spreading further in Sindh and bringing further ill-repute to Pakistan.
It was not only an attack on innocent children but an attack on all of us, that brings the Muslim community into ill-repute for something that is not even in accordance with our religion.
Leaving aside the questionable gender ramifications, I like this little saying, for it reminds me that these birds of ill-repute are actually, much like ourselves, family creatures.
Corbyn hope of better tomorrow JEREMY Corbyn is surrounded by enemies: some standing next to him, some standing behind him, some sitting on the same benches as him in the house of ill-repute Westminster.
The whole saga has added to the ill-repute gained by the local banking system and the Central Bank of Cyprus, after the latter failed to check second largest lender Laiki Bank, resulting in the latter's collapse and loss of billions in deposits.
From the bawdy houses of ill-repute in Venice springs a story of light and dark, where a young man Claudio is sentenced to death for lechery having impregnated his lover Juliet.
We drank too much, visited a club of ill-repute, and ended up in Nicki the Greek's restaurant on Dickson Road, when I heard a whisper that my best man and chums had plans to strip me naked and handcuff me to a lamppost.
This tale features 15-year-old Belle who witnesses a girl brutally murdered by a client in a London house of ill-repute and whose own life is consequently now in danger.
He first emerges at the bottom of the bed where Prince Hal has been entertaining a couple of women of ill-repute.
Dasti said that liquor worth around 50 million rupees is supplied in the lodges annually, while smell of Hashish in the corridors of lodges was a routine matter, adding that women of ill-repute were brought and even dance parties were held, the Nation reported.
Great times were had in dens of iniquity - casinos, nightclubs, pubs and other places of ill-repute.