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Her husband's sisters and the wives of his brothers crowded round her and supported her, for she was fain to die in her distraction; when she again presently breathed and came to herself, she sobbed and made lament among the Trojans saying, "Woe is me, O Hector; woe, indeed, that to share a common lot we were born, you at Troy in the house of Priam, and I at Thebes under the wooded mountain of Placus in the house of Eetion who brought me up when I was a child--ill-starred sire of an ill-starred daughter--would that he had never begotten me.
At last we were drawing near to the wonderful mines that had been the cause of the miserable death of the old Portuguese Dom three centuries ago, of my poor friend, his ill-starred descendant, and also, as we feared, of George Curtis, Sir Henry's brother.
The prize crew soon had the vessel under proper sail once more and the living members of the ill-starred company carried below to their hammocks.
He had notoriously threatened the lost young man, and had, according to the showing of his own faithful friend and tutor who strove so hard for him, a cause of bitter animosity (created by himself, and stated by himself), against that ill-starred fellow.
Why," he added, "the people really worship the ground she walks upon and since her loss on that ill-starred expedition all Helium has been draped in mourning.
Third to the ill-starred London Prize in the Elite Hurdle at Wincanton in November, Flying Tiger ran an excellent third to Buveur D'Air, now a dual Champion Hurdler, in the Fighting Fifth Hurdle at Newcastle three weeks on.
More recently there was an ill-starred TV mockumentary series, The Muppets , cancelled in 2016 after one season.
The Browns can make a fair claim to being the most ill-starred sports team in the US - if not the entire world.
Blues were in the top flight when they last made that kind of commitment - since when they have survived the ill-starred Carson Yeung era.
Recently recovered from grievous wounds sustained at Chickamauga, he was thrust into command of the Confederacy's ill-starred army even as Federals pounded on the door of the Deep South's greatest untouched city, Atlanta.
This phoney, ill-starred project needs to be put out of its misery now, like the Midlands County Council was then, and save us all a great deal of money.
Back in 1972, United made an ill-starred visit to Palace's Selhurst Park.