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They usually buy new cattle from their neighbours or large commercial farms - but these are often ill-suited to local conditions.
The Woodstock Preservation League, which formed to stop Woodstock Township resident Joe Gentner from starting the plant, argued the gravel pit would be an environmental hazard and would be ill-suited to the surrounding farm and residential district, according to newspaper reports.
The play is about the marriage of an ill-suited couple, the elderly Don Perlimplin and the young Belisa, whose mother urges her into the match for his money.
Hamas said that this situation "creates an atmosphere ill-suited for fair elections.
This makes them ill-suited for trading in today's fragmented liquidity environment, where buy-side firms need to manage relationships with multiple brokers that offer range of trading tools.
To use democratic institutions such as parliament to enforce one-sided views not only damages the democratic process but also proves that those who indulge in such practices are ill-suited for the job.
She hires childhood sweetheart and handyman, Andy Cobb (Luke Evans), to oversee repairs while encouraging lustful glances from celebrated thriller writer and serial philanderer, Nicholas Hardiment (Roger Allam), who treats his wife Beth (Tamsin Greig) like a skivvy and is ill-suited to rural life.
The teaching of mathematics, which arguably is so abstract as to transcend place and community and even culture (according at least to a Platonic view of mathematics), will seem to some observers particularly ill-suited to instruction in place- or community- or culture-based approaches.
That a player as ill-suited to his role as he is, is so elevated, is indicative of how standards and expectations have fallen.
Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs last month slammed Adobe s Flash multimedia software, which is used in most smartphones, calling it unreliable and ill-suited for mobile devices, escalating a pitched battle between the two firms.
Their performance was outside and in the afternoon, rather ill-suited to showcase why we love the band like do.
There's no deep dark secret here - I'm just ill-suited to government work," he told Alison Knopf, ADAW editor.