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It is over-eating that makes you so ill-tempered," said he.
She could not do otherwise than accept him, for he was rich, and she had nothing; but he turns out ill-tempered and exigeant, and wants a young woman, a beautiful young woman of five-and-twenty, to be as steady as himself.
His domestics perceived, by the manner in which he approached his carriage, that their master was not in the best of humors: the result of their discernment was, that his orders were executed with that exactitude of maneuver which is found on board a man-of-war, commanded during a storm by an ill-tempered captain.
He passed for an Englishman, was agreeable, handsome, ill-tempered, hospitable and witty.
And Squirts, the master of the Middle Third, grew more ill-tempered every day.
Foka, the butler, was the most ill-tempered person in the house.
But this ill-tempered anticipation that she could desire visits which might be disagreeable to her husband, this gratuitous defence of himself against selfish complaint on her part, was too sharp a sting to be meditated on until after it had been resented.
146] Next day she hears the story of Claude's grievous disappointment on seeing the great actress at home--plain, five-and- forty, ill-tempered.
He, who had been so merry-hearted, even merrier-hearted than his brother Jerry, began to grow saturnine, and peevish, and ill-tempered.
It's so hot in the schoolroom," she said, "and some of the girls, poor things, are so ill-tempered at rehearsal--I have made my escape.
Oh, Fan, I 'm getting so ill-tempered and envious and wicked, I don't know what will happen to me.
I eagerly turned the photograph, expecting to see a woman with a stern, ill-tempered, forbidding countenance.