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We know that much of media resources and technicalities were ill-used to destroy and confuse, via indecent programs, youth and families," said the Patriarch.
First came charges that her husband, John Zaccaro, a developer, had substantial gains that were either ill-gotten or politically ill-used.
I do hope it is possible to suggest, without in any way denigrating the memory of those ill-used young men of Bomber Command in World War II, that their proposed memorial is too big, too pompous, and in the wrong place.
Democracy can be ill-used if it serves the whims of the wicked
Two chapters later, their ill-used curiosity leads to judgment and a world filled with imperfection and death.
Of all the lift trucks, pallet trucks are probably the most ill-used.
In the process, the soldier's family was ill-used, the American public was rudely deceived and everyone in the chain of command was embarrassed.
More specifically, one could define the character of Gelsomina, the lighthearted and loyal but ill-used servant, as a somber variation on the equally lighthearted but loyal Charlie of "City Lights" (1931).
It was with great sadness and regret that I saw our work ill-used and our faith in government's use of evidence traduced," he said.
Ledger, adopting a soft-spoken twang reminiscent of Kris Kristofferson, is nothing short of revelatory, considering how ill-used he's been in so many other films.