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A resolution praised the 'effective and stern legal measures' that quashed the alleged 'colour revolution of the former opposition party, aided and abetted by external ill-willed circles'.
Download Geagea praises Frangieh, Zgharta leaderships' positions NNA - Leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, praised the positions of all the political leaders of Zgharta, namely that of MP Sleiman Frangieh "because their statements left no room for some ill-willed persons to turn a small mishap into something bigger, and interpret it in a different way.
Her legal team claimed antidepressants influenced her behaviour and that her texts, though reckless and ill-willed, were free speech.
Her texts were clearly reckless and without question ill-willed but they too are afforded the same First Amendment protection as all other words in the US.
Playing his moral opposite - and uncle - is Jude Law, the gangly, ill-willed King Vortigen, who is ruined by his own self-serving and totalitarian inclinations.
But around this statement, "Divided States of America" inexorably lays out just how irrational and ill-willed the American citizenry can be.
Mandatory registration of prepaid mobile numbers will discourage ill-willed pranksters and allow us to punish those who currently perpetrate security scares through text message with impunity,' said Gatchalian, a member of the Senate committee on national defense and security.
Singers of top calibre Mehdi Hassan, Alam Lohar, Saleem Raza and others also played their part to propel the nation forward and show the enemy that they were equipped with self-confidence and unwavering faith and cannot be defeated by the evil, ill-willed designs.
Lohar, Saleem Raza and others played their part collectively to propel the nation forward and made the people realize that we Pakistanis were equipped with self-confidence and unwavering faith, and that the Pakistani nation could not be defeated by the evil, ill-willed designs of the enemy.
The war in Yemen seems designed in the first instance to send a message to all current or potential enemies, real or imagined predators, or just ill-willed troublemakers, that from now on the Saudi-led GCC will initiate its own swift and tangible response, instead of waiting for others to step in.
After the previous letter from the House, the ambassador also sent a letter to each member of the House who signed the letter, warning the lawmakers against being the "part of [an] ill-willed initiative" and claiming that his country "firmly embraces" media freedom.
I do not suggest that people who have difficulties with this pope are ill-willed.