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Lohar, Saleem Raza and others played their part collectively to propel the nation forward and made the people realize that we Pakistanis were equipped with self-confidence and unwavering faith, and that the Pakistani nation could not be defeated by the evil, ill-willed designs of the enemy.
According to a documentary broadcasted by PTV, singers of top caliber such as Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hassan, Ahmed Rushdi, Alam Lohar, Saleem Raza and others played their part collectively to move the nation forward and made them realize that Pakistanis were equipped with self-confidence and unwavering faith and that Pakistani as a nation will not be undone by the evil and ill-willed designs of the enemy.
Furthermore, Nasrallah lamented the fact that the most recent developments that rocked the Arab world have done grave harm to the resistance project and given the Zionist enemy the opportunity to accomplish its ill-willed projects.
The war in Yemen seems designed in the first instance to send a message to all current or potential enemies, real or imagined predators, or just ill-willed troublemakers, that from now on the Saudi-led GCC will initiate its own swift and tangible response, instead of waiting for others to step in.
After the previous letter from the House, the ambassador also sent a letter to each member of the House who signed the letter, warning the lawmakers against being the "part of [an] ill-willed initiative" and claiming that his country "firmly embraces" media freedom.
I do not suggest that people who have difficulties with this pope are ill-willed.
Some graduate students complain about red tape, ill-willed professors, insufficient course offerings and inadequate resources that together deter some graduate students from their educational goals and delay others who persevere, sometimes for years.
And the mournful, ill-willed post mortem that would follow Celtic's elimination?
Appealing to supporters to ignore the rumors, Jorge Arreza, the minister for science and technology and also the son-in-law of the president tweeted: "Countrymen, don't believe the ill-willed rumors.
The Santa Trap" follows ill-willed youth Bradley Bartleby who is tired of Santa's games of giving him only socks, and is out for the jolly old fat man with traps and nefarious plots that scare even his parents.
Interior Minister Jankuloska said the foreign media reports about the massacre at Smikovci are ill-willed, attributing the event an interethnic dimension and suggesting that Macedonia is in a civil war.
Minister Jankuloska believes that all speculations being publicly exposed are ill-willed and tendentious.