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Noting that Israel and its allies which have failed in their plots against the regional states by means of terrorist groups are now after new plots, he said, "That plot is to distort the regional borders but certainly they will not succeed" and the regional people are now aware of the US and the Zionist regime's ill-wishing plans.
Huge comments have left ill-wishing remarks, and hundreds are more rapidly launching online campaigns to bring what they called tasteless and insensitive remarks to the awareness of the masses.
The rather tasteless and insensitive comment quickly spurred an outburst among the online Filipino community, with thousands bombarding Bermejo's Facebook and Multiply pages, leaving ill-wishing remarks, and hundreds more rapidly launching massive online campaigns to bring the unfortunate event to the awareness of the masses.
Such terrorist acts in a wedding ceremony and killing innocent civilians once again show the ill-wishing and inhumane goals of Takfiri groups," Qassemi said.
Enemies of Islam, including US and Israel, pursue ill-wishing plans against Islam by stirring bloodshed, Islamophobia and sowing discord between Shiite and Sunni Muslims; for the same reason Muslims should exercise vigilance to maintain their unity," Shamkhani said, addressing a meeting of the Iran's Expediency Council in Tehran on Saturday.
The illogical and aggressive act betrayed the ill-wishing nature of the US to world nations and proved that the Americans do not abide by their pledges, said the commander.
The ill-wishing and bullying powers do not favor security and dignity of nations and countries and therefore they are trying to impede nations' progress," he saidAlso during the meeting, Thailand's new envoy to Tehran Pichai Israbhakdi stressed that age-old relations between Iran and his country has yielded a proper opportunity for boosting the two countries' relations in a large number of spheres.