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This also happens in local case systems, like in Finnish (4b), where the locative inessive -ssa (IN) is replaced by the illative marker -in (GOAL + IN): (4)
The most important element of transition between natural and revealed religion is not the Illative Sense, but rather the conscience as explained in the fifth and tenth chapters of the Grammar since in those places it becomes apparent that conscience is at the center of Newman's religious philosophy.
He explains that as a Roman Catholic theologian Lonergan was well acquainted with Newman and that his systematic analysis of human consciousness and its cognitive activities derives in part from Newman's illative sense.
39) she distinguishes DIRECTIONAL (movement towards a goal) from TERMINATIVE (movement towards and attainment of a goal) and crucially subdivides the latter into ILLATIVE (crossing of a boundary into) and ALLATIVE (without such specification).
Boccaccio saves Dante by explicating the suicide's punishment in terms of the difference between illative and privative punishment ("pena illativa" and "pena privativa").
The results of the Estonians varied most in illative, while in the Russians' answers, the greatest variation was in nominative and translative.
The grouping of the poems also follows a mysterious inner logic, perceivable to this reviewer in the second section with the initial poem entitled "en route to the illative.
Rather, if Aristotle is correct in saying that rhetoric is "a faculty of observing in any given case and available means of persuasion," then rhetoric possesses an immediate and essential connection to Newman's exploration of real assents, conviction, and even the illative sense itself (1355b25).
9) Por ello, asi como se hace presente entre los misticos el sentido de la interioridad, o en los artistas, el sentido estetico, o entre los cientificos, el sentido de observacion de los fenomenos, o en los exploradores el sentido de orientacion--por mencionar algunos sentidos internos--, de la misma manera, en todo ser humano, en cuanto sujeto pensante, se da de manera natural el illative sense que le permite unificar y poner en conexion las operaciones mentales que realiza individual o colectivamente.
Aquino draws on Newman's account of the illative sense to develop a third response, which he calls an "embodied particularism of informed judgment.
pointed out to me, the Hungarian Inessive case marker (-ban/-ben), encoding interior location, appears to be built on top of the goal-oriented Illative case (-ba/-be) by the affixation of -n.