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They cannot be attached to a conjoined phrase (13), and nor can most of the fully grammaticalized cases, such as illative, for example (14):
The inessive and illative forms are the most productive ones, while the terminative and prolative forms occur rarely and are not accepted by all speakers.
In all our examples of personal locative (-n-en), illative (-n-e), elative (-n-es) and terminative (-n-oz) forms of nouns, the possessive markers precede the case markers, and at least for the first three of these cases we know this is the only possible ordering.
(8) There is also a relation between the partitive singulars that are homophonous with short illatives and those that correspond to truncated nominatives.
(1) Class I is associated with 'short' illative singular forms (ILLA2) and 'stem' partitive plurals (PART2), and contains all nominals that exhibit productive 'quantitative' gradation in modern Estonian.
The eleven 'semantic' case forms of an Estonian nominal (illative, inessive, elative, allative, adessive, ablative, translative, terminative, essive, abessive and comitative) are all based on the corresponding genitives, as illustrated in table 3.