illegal agreement

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The CJP observed that the ETPB made an illegal agreement by closing its eyes.
During a hearing on the case, the then CJP had observed that ETPB made an illegal agreement by closing their eyes and added that in accordance with the constitution and law the ETPB land could neither be sold nor can be exchanged with other land.
Additionally, police investigated a suspected illegal agreement between the prime minister and newspaper publisher Arnon Mozes to provide Netanyahu with favorable news coverage at the expense of a rival publication.
As a result of Allegiances per se illegal agreement to restrict marketing of competing services in Hillsdale County, Michigan consumers were deprived of valuable services and healthcare information, said Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim of the Justice Departments Antitrust Division.
The petitioner further stated that loss of billion of dollars was caused to Pakistan due to this illegal agreement.
Another illegal agreement is when firms divide the market among themselves into exclusive market segments, enabling them to sell at higher prices and possibly at lower quality.
The CPA summoned the parties to the illegal agreement, and they avowed it was true, and offered pledges they would not proceed with it in the future as it contradicts the competition protection law, Al-Roudan said.
In addition, merely inviting a competitor to enter into an illegal agreement may violate the antitrust laws, even if the invitation does not result in an agreement to fix wages or otherwise limit competition.
While discussing the contract award of plot for Grand Hayyat Hotel, the committee directed CDA Board to review its earlier decision and rescind the illegal agreement with the developer, fix responsibility against all those responsible and report back to committee within three months.
Speaking to journalists on Wednesday night in Athens, he said Davutoglu refers to an illegal agreement Ankara has signed with the self-styled Turkish Cypriot regime in Turkish occupied Cyprus to justify Turkish moves in Cyprus` exclusive economic zone.
In May 2008, ATT entered into a similar illegal agreement with Clifton by which ATT paid bribes of $15,000 a month in exchange for Clifton assigning ATT an additional day of trucking service a month.
The recent Androgel decision stemmed from the FTC claim that Solvay entered into an illegal agreement with Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc.