illegal conduct

See: offense
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The court order settling the FTCs charges barred Allstar from engaging in the allegedly illegal conduct and imposed a monetary judgment of $7.
Joint opposition including Congress, NCP wrote to the Principal Secretary, Maharashtra Assembly and informed that Maharashtra Assembly Speaker Haribhau Bagade has lost the confidence of the House due to his biased and illegal conduct in the House, so we propose to remove him from his post.
The drugmaker has promised to take "fast and decisive action" should the investigation in Greece find that its managers engaged in unethical or illegal conduct.
Additionally, the company allegedly engaged in a pattern of deceptive and illegal conduct by downplaying the drug's risks of addiction, bribing doctors to prescribe the drug, and lying to healthcare providers to skirt their authorization process.
However, now the Federal Services Tribunal (FST) has reached a decision against Shahid Hussain Jatoi's appointment in terms charges against him for illegal conduct during his posting as member administration.
Travis Kalanick was forced to step down as CEO of Uber by major Uber investors, not the company's board, after allegations became public that a culture of sexual harassment was the norm within Uber, as well as other allegations of unethical and illegal conduct by the company.
Erbacher presents readers with a comprehensive examination of legal claims of negligence that arise from the illegal conduct of those claiming negligence in the first place in a variety of legal settings, examining the unique challenges of illegality law.
Herring said, 'This payment is intended as partial compensation for the mortgage servicers' illegal conduct and servicing abuse, and further terms of the settlement ensure that HSBC will abide by more rigorous standards when servicing mortgages or attempting to foreclose.
Summary: Many in-house counsel are fortunate not to have handled a report of fraud or other illegal conduct within their companies.
She was not a whistleblower disclosing illegal conduct by her employer, she was not engaged in "protected concerted activity" under the National Labor Relations Act with respect to her workplace and she was not opposing unlawful discrimination by her employer.
The trust alleged that due to illegal conduct of the Revenue Authority, thousands bighas of land have been transferred in the name of priests and temple workers ( Pujaris, Kardars and Mujarian) in Kullu Dstrict.
The officers admitted to being members of a criminal organization that sought to enrich its members through illegal conduct.