illegal conduct

See: offense
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Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Hamdum Twizeyimana, the Eastern region police spokesperson, said that after police received information about the suspected illegal conduct, they made a search at her home where the drugs were recovered.
This is a victory for consumers that sends a message to insurers that they cannot circumvent Proposition 103's consumer protection laws in an effort to increase their profits and that the Department will stay the course - even if it takes twenty years - to penalize insurers for illegal conduct."
As written, it prohibits a person from gaining access to a "nonpublic area of a commercial property," and in any way capturing or recording damaging information, wording that lawyers say would prohibit a parent from documenting problems at a day care or a customer from recording illegal conduct in the backroom of a store.
"For years, Insys engaged in prolonged, illegal conduct that prioritised its profits over the health of the thousands of patients who relied on it," US attorney Andrew Lelling said.
MOFA called for Taiwanese citizens to refrain from illegal conduct overseas, avoid being prosecuted in a foreign country, and not compromise the country's image.
Shakir's work permit appear to be tied directly to his human rights advocacy, and have nothing to do with any assertion of illegal conduct."
Kelly's attorney Steven Greenberg said neither he nor the singer had been contacted by law enforcement, and Kelly denies he engaged in illegal conduct.
Sterling has also agreed to injunctive relief designed to prevent the continuation of the claimed illegal conduct.
If some of the allegations of corruption are wildly exaggerated, it is also improbable in the extreme that no minister or high party official belonging to the two parties has indulged in illegal conduct or financial corruption.
Penalties in place also aim to ensure the enforcement of governing rules and regulations, and stepping up the efficiency of field inspectors to curb illegal conduct on the part of taxi drivers and chauffeurs," concluded Nabhan.
They added that it may also be the first high-profile countercharge to test the boundaries of police searches, the illegal conduct of which is another kind of infraction in the war on drugs.
"Because of Defendants' illegal conduct, Plaintiff and the class were compelled to pay artificially inflated prices for their bosentan requirements.