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What can I do if someone stolen evidence using it is court against me thusI was jailed for contempt of court? I made a police report but nothing was done to the person who illegally took the evidence. He then committed perjury the day that we went into court.


You can ask for a hearing to show the court the evidence was improper.
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On Daum's view, the new "Rules on Certain Issues Relating to the Exclusion of Illegal Evidence in Criminal Cases" (Rules) detail procedures for challenging the admissibility of evidence, promising to revitalize China's exclusionary rule by stating when and how allegations of illegal evidence-gathering should be raised, who must prove such abuses, the standard of proof required, and the possibility of in-court witness testimony by law enforcement.
China will further improve the system to have witnesses and expert witnesses appear in court and the system of protecting the witnesses, and improve the system of eliminating illegal evidence, the plan said.
The investigation into our client was launched in 2010, so the tapping minutes, which were showed a reason for arresting Sener, are "illegal evidence."
Thus, their convictions derived from their pleas, not from verdicts obtained through the use of supposedly illegal evidence. The validity of the convictions did not in any way depend upon the legality of the blood draws.
Zhang reminded defense lawyers on Saturday to pay more attention to the validity of evidence, as the two regulations clearly stipulate that illegal evidence cannot be submitted.
Mustafa Birden, chief judge of the Council of State, gave important messages during his speech marking the 141st anniversary of the highest administrative court in Turkey: "Views of all sections of the society should be listened before preparation of a new constitution; any amendment damaging the principle of secularism cannot be made; attempts by political powers to take judiciary under control may lead to chaos; and prosecutors should not use any illegal evidence."