illegal incentive

See: bribe
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Everybody in politics promotes voting the way dentists promote flossing, but challenges to voting rights and allegations of illegal incentives to vote and improprieties about encouraging new voters cannot help.
This is not new territory for the medical device industry, which has been in the spotlight as a result of some companies allegedly using kickbacks and other illegal incentives to gain market share and increase the use of their devices among physicians.
The government should stop Salman Taseer statements and how can a tax thieve make comments on court verdict for hiding his illegal incentives, Nisar questioned, adding, his statements come in lines of contempt of court and people giving threats of corpses to Punjab are neither sincere with PPP nor with the country.
The commission said on Tuesday that Ryanair would have to pay back millions of pounds in illegal incentives to use the state-run Charleroi Airport,near Brussels.